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Jul 1, 2017. Search engines consider your links to be 'votes of confidence' in the page that you are linking to. There are certain situations where you may not wish to give an external site or internal page that vote of confidence. You can use the NoFollow attribute on your links to tell the search engine that you aren't.

Jan 21, 2011. Tag clouds are good, but in a previous post called WordPress & Google Analytics : Tracking Your Tag Cloud I admitted that they're not very useful, and. Now all your links in your tag cloud are marked as nofollow, thus each page containing the tag cloud will give away much less link weight to your tag.

May 20, 2014. However, it can still be confusing when you need to add the rel=”nofollow” tag to your link. In this WordPress tutorial, we are going to show you the easiest way to add the NoFollow option to your insert/edit link section. This will make it very easy to add this tag to any link when creating posts and pages in.

WordPress as a CMS for blogs) Contextual Ads – Advertisements posted to a website or blog based on each individual web page’s content and keywords.

Here is a list of 10 WordPress traffic builder plugins that work. Installing these to your blog. With Platinum SEO you can add index/noindex, follow/nofollow, noodp, noydir, noarchive, and nosnippet meta-tags to any post or page.

Supply Search Engine Optimization Managing a global supply chain of any size is no small task. Now consider the. At DefCon, Barracuda Labs will explain how malware pushers use search engine optimization techniques to push their poison to the top of those Google rankings. Search Engine Optimization Gap Analysis and Proposal Page 2 of 12 1 Yonge Street Suite

Broken Link Checker is another useful plugin for WordPress sites. It analyzes your pages, posts and other content to spot. If you don’t want to delete a link, you can simply add the ‘rel=nofollow’ tag to it to make sure that the.

SEO No Duplicate WordPress Plugin – Many websites have no choice but to publish duplicate content on the pages. This is a well known “don’t” in the SEO world but is often times unavoidable. This may be for products that are.

WordPress SEO has become one of the most interesting. text the same as your target keywords for optimal results on search. 7. Use the NoFollow tags on some of your pages Use this option only on pages that you think will best.

Jun 12, 2008. WordPress, like many other blog engines, uses the rel="nofollow" attribute in comments for the so-called fight against spam. If this was a good. They're super easy to install: Just download the file on the author's site, upload it to your wp- content/plugins directory, activate it, and bye bye nofollow. After you.

Apr 9, 2017. NoFollow. This directive tells Google that you don't want it to pass link juice to the other site and that you are not voting for that site. Google bots will make note of the other site, but they. The native WordPress link editor and the TinyMCE Advanced plugin editor may be able to help you create nofollow links.

Yesterday, Automattic released bbPress 2.5.9, the latest version of the official WordPress forum plugin. then is displayed to all subsequent visitors that access the affected page. XSS bug was in the forum plugin’s user mentions.

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I’m going to share the 10 most essential WordPress plugins for your business website. (category or tag pages). Some other useful features include 301 redirection and setting up rules for search engine robots such as follow,

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Jun 8, 2016. But what it means is this: In 2005 Google and Co gave birth to the nofollow link to stop spammy links. They did this because links (aka backlinks) were the main way that they used to decide on how to rank a web page in their results. More links = higher ranking (it's more complex than this, but that is the.

Add a Nofollow Tag to Media Attachment Pages. WordPress tends to create unique pages for media/image files that is uploaded to the media library. Note that this is different from the actual URL of the media file. For example, if you upload.

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Sep 19, 2017. How to add rel=”nofollow” to WordPress menu items. 1. Add your menu item to a menu. Pretty straightforward, choose a page, hit add. Or if you want to add a custom link, expand the custom links section, input the target url, the link text, and hit “Add to Menu”. Next, expand the menu item itself, and you'll,

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